pack [1] NOUN 1) a cardboard or paper container and the items inside it. 2) Brit. a set of playing cards. 3) a collection of related documents. 4) a group of animals that live and hunt together. 5) chiefly derogatory a group or set of similar things or people. 6) (the pack) the main body of competitors following the leader in a race or competition. 7) Rugby a team's forwards considered as a group. 8) (Pack) an organized group of Cub Scouts or Brownies. 9) a rucksack. 10) pack ice. 11) a hot or cold pad of absorbent material, used for treating an injury.
VERB 1) fill (a suitcase or bag) with clothes and other items needed for travel. 2) place in a container for transport or storage. 3) be capable of being folded up for transport or storage. 4) cram a large number of things into. 5) (packed or Brit. packed out) crowded or filled with people. 6) cover, surround, or fill. 7) informal carry (a gun). 8) Rugby (of players) form a scrum.
pack a punch — Cf. ↑pack a punch
pack in — Cf. ↑pack in
pack someone off — Cf. ↑pack someone off
pa ck up — Cf. ↑pa ck up
send someone packing — Cf. ↑send someone packing
DERIVATIVES packable adjective packer noun.
ORIGIN Low German pak.
pack [2] VERB fill (a jury or committee) with people likely to support a particular verdict or decision.
ORIGIN probably from obsolete pact «enter into an agreement with».

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